Welcome to First Niagara's benefits administration site!
As a client of First Niagara Benefit Consulting, you have access to our hrAssist site, where you will find up-to-date compliance, legislative, and regulatory information on important benefits topics.

In addition, you may use the hrAssist site to communicate with your First Niagara Consulting team. hrAssist provides project team members continual access to project plans, meeting minutes, open issue logs, team member contact information, and the ability to transmit data files in a secure environment.

To log in, please enter your user name and password provided to you in prior communication. If you need the log in information again, simply contact your First Niagara consultant to have your password reset.

If you are not currently a client of First Niagara Benefit Consulting, we would appreciate an opportunity to showcase the many advantages of partnership with First Niagara. Please contact us at (717) 795-8666.

hrAssist offers online access to streaming benefits industry news, First Niagara research/ education documents & valuable HR resources from the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA):

  • Employment Guide - policy guidelines, state law summaries and comparison charts

  • HR Essential Tools - language for comprehensive Human Resource policies, access to federal and state workplace posters and notices, legally appropriate language for job descriptions, etc.