Welcome to 2016 Open Enrollment

As another year winds down, we look towards 2016 as associates who are more engaged than ever in our health and medical choices. The change we made back in 2011 to the Consumer Driven Health Plan continues to be a success, and every associate’s efforts towards making this work for Roche Bros. should be celebrated.

During the last 10 years, health care costs have risen by 140%, and no slow down is expected anytime soon. Despite this, we have been extremely proud to have kept the rates flat when we could and increases to a minimum on our health plans when necessary. In 2016, our health insurance premiums will be increasing and dental premiums will remain the same, but as always the company will continue to absorb the majority of the cost as is shown in your benefits booklet. This continues to be extremely generous plan within our industry, as well as the business world in general.

We continue to update our associate portal with more enhancements including a document library which houses all of your plan descriptions, regulatory notices and educational videos. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the site as we will be placing more information and announcements on the portal throughout the year.

Good Health to All,


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