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At The Chamber, we understand small businesses. After all, we are one, too. We know managing employee benefits can be a challenge, so we’re proud to bring Chamber members an exclusive streamlined solution that addresses your health insurance needs – and so much more. The Chamber Health Marketplace will allow small employers to continue to offer the advantage of private group pricing and pretax benefits to their employees while allowing them to choose the benefits package that fits their individual needs.

Our Marketplace pulls together multiple benefit options across all four metal tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) so that you and your employees have access to choose a plan that is right for you. In addition to medical coverage, we offer many optional ancillary products including dental, and vision coverage, so that you can fulfill your entire employee benefit needs in one place. Give your employees the freedom to choose from trusted carriers, such as Capital BlueCross and Guardian. The Chamber Health Marketplace will allow you to set budgets that work for you and your workforce along with streamline human resources administration.

Important Information

In order to join the The Chamber Health Marketplace, you must be a member of the The Chamber of Commerce. If you are currently not a member please click Join Now

To obtain a quote, or for any questions, please contact The Chamber Health Marketplace at 610-349-8226 or email us at benefits@thechamberhealthmarketplace.com

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